Bitcoin + Salesforce = Like

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SalesCrypt is a POS system that allows you as a merchant to accept the BitCoin cryptocurrency.

-Keep more of the money you work hard for by avoiding all those high CC transaction fees

-Avoid costly chargeback suprises at the end of the month.

-You're already using SalesForce, now you have total Bitcoin integration.

-As a merchant you could be adding a valuable revenue stream by adopting Bitcoin. Your customers will appreciate that you are providing them a convenient payment system that allows them to pay with their favorite Bitcoin Wallet right from their mobile phone.

-You're cutting costs by avoiding CC fees, you're adding a new revenue stream from Bitcoin consumers, and you're raising customer satisfaction by offering a quick and easy payment option.

Target Audience:

Out target audience are merchants of all sizes interested in reducing their payment costs and collection fees. We are happy to help them increase their profits while bringing them into the modern age of cryptocurrency

Key Features:

  • SalesCrypt allows businesses the ability to collect payment through the Bitcoin cryptocurrency
  • Our product is revolutionary as it opens new revenue streams while reducing the cost of collection
  • Businesses that were unable to accept crypto currency will now be able to take advantage of a new payment type
  • Crypto currencies solve a Global payment problem--secure transactions without exorbitant fees
  • SalesCrypt enables quick transactions for merchants all over the World, this enables merchants the ability to collect payment in a Globally recognized form of currency

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