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Leaving During Hackathon + Design Pre-Event

We received a great question via email and I wanted to share it here so all can see the response. Question follows:

Regarding the Salesforce Hackathon 2014, I have a few questions:
1) Will the team members be sequestered for the duration of the contest or will outside contact with family be allowed?
2) It says to bring a sleeping bag. Does this mean we will not be able to leave the competition once it starts?
3) Regarding pre-coded apps, are we allowed to work out a design prior to the competition, or do we have to do the design work during the event? Your prompt response is greatly appreciated.

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    1) Participants are not sequestered during the event.
    2) You're allowed to leave the venue once hacking begins. The sleeping bag is mentioned for those who are interested to stay overnight and code without a break. You must check in at the venue by 10pm Friday October 10th and at least one member of your team will need to be present in person for judging on Sunday, but otherwise you do not have to remain onsite.
    3) Dream up big ideas! But per the rules anything you use that existed before the contest must be disclosed and may affect your score. Also, all coding has to be done during the contest (except for open source - see the rules)

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