Product Hunt plugin to do customer validation

Do customer validation is the mantra for lean startups. Product Hunt gives startup founders a perfect platform to launch a scrappy MVP and validate the idea. But, your upvoters on Product Hunt might turn out be your friends/enthusiasts, instead of your customers. GoNoGo predicts who among your upvoters will become customers and initiates conversation with them that is critical to your product success.

GoNoGo classifies upvoters into:

  • Emperors: Your target audience & has social media influence in your product domain
  • Citizens: Your target audience
  • Senators: Not your target audience. But has media influence in your product domain
  • Allies: Not your audience or influencers. Your job is to find why they are interested and convert them into citizens or emperors, if possible.

GoNoGo awards points based on Emperors, Citizens and Senators and decides if you will live or die in this modern day gladiator game.

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