A new way of making movies

Innovation: Film is a visual medium, yet most filmmakers only have non-visual tools. Ether changes that, letting filmmakers visualize their movies ahead of time, scout and book locations, and save shots for later. Ether truly enables a new way to make movies.

User Experience: Branded Salesforce1 UI + Interactive Virtual Reality Mode with Voice Recognition UI (say ‘Help’ to learn more), can explore locations and save shots. Solves a real problem for filmmakers, saving them money, improving coverage, and speeding up the process.

Business Potential: This is the first step towards a full-fledged platform where filmmakers can can “write” screenplays by manifesting scenes in their own virtual film studio. The actors, locations, props, and music will be bookable directly from Ether, giving filmmakers - indie or otherwise - huge leverage. Not only addresses the large market of film professionals, but expands the market by enabling more amateurs to go pro.

Use of Salesforce/Heroku Technology: Salesforce1 mobile views with Apex custom code, OAuth, Custom Objects interact with Virtual Reality view of scene via the REST API

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