Connecting local fruit to local need

WINNER: Force.com + Heroku Category - Sixth to Tenth Place

The idea for this app came from my volunteer work with City Fruit, a non-profit organization that harvests backyard fruit in 5 Seattle neighborhoods and delivers it to food banks, shelters, senior centers, and others.

Our 3 harvesters, that already use Salesforce1 to log their harvests and deliveries, and donation site coordinators are the target users. Currently these coordinators have limited ability to see what we are harvesting in their area and to request that we deliver them fruit. This leads to missed opportunities to keep the fruit as local as possible, causes smaller organizations to get passed over, and leaves our harvesters to spend too much time on delivery logistics.

I was inspired by the amazing work that both the City Fruit team and the donation site staff do. They need and deserve the highest quality tools to make their operations more efficient so they can do more good with donation dollars.

This said, I should mention that this application, with minimal modification, could be of use to outside sales staff in the private sector as well. Imagine a pharmaceutical company representative logging their upcoming time in a particular reqion, generating a text and/or tweet that would allow customers that have signed up to easily update their preferences for a sales call.

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